Server Rules

America’s #1 Server Ruleset

1. Do not spam the chat, this is a pretty straightforward rule, no overuse of single characters and no overuse of Caps. Trying to get around this rule by doing something like: “No SpAmMiNg CaPs” will still get you warned.

2. Absolutely no Racism in any form. It will get you warned once and immediately banned on the second offence.

3. Knowingly abusing any faults in the server for personal gain can get you banned, do not do it! Alert a Mod+ instead.

4. Glitched bases are an immediate ban! It takes effort for you to get underneath the map, so taking the time to make a base down there shows that you really do deserve a ban for your effort. Don’t do it! P.S. Admins can find out exactly who places any kind of structure on the map, you are not safe.

5. Do not ask the admins for items / tps / etc. they are very busy trying to keep the server stable and playable for all of you.

6. Do not spam structures around the map, I.e. Placing 100 wooden platforms randomly around the city. Again, admins know exactly who places a structure. You will be warned once for the behavior and then receive a short ban.

7. Abusing glitches for personal gain / killing people can earn you an immediate ban. 8. Any form of hacks will earn you a permanent ban without any form of warning. Obviously.

8. Do not build excessively huge bases that can lag the server, doing so will result in a warning and a complete reset. Again, the admins know exactly who places them.

9. Accusing Administrators of abuse will result in a warning if you do not have valid proof. The server auto detects and spits out abuse if abuse has occurred. (ALL ABUSE IS LOGGED)