Staff Code Of Conduct

This document will entail what the staff can and cannot do on the server.


1.Staff will not use their powers to build a clan or team base. If you build a base no one but you or other staff members may live in it.


  1. Staff will not spawn in raiding gear. This includes Dragonfangs, Hells furries, Demolition charges or rocket launchers


  1. Staff will not give any items to players. If you are caught trading spawned items or giving spawned items it can lead to a probation period and if extensive a demotion


  1. The use of /spy is only to identify hackers or glitchers. If you are caught using it to find players you will be immediately demoted.


  1. The use of your teleports is not to find players to kill. Doing this will lead to your demotion



How to handle situations between players

  • Two players arguing – Verbally warn each player first and if they persist /warn both parties
  • A player is using racist remarks – /warn the player and if they keep persisting get a management member involved.
  • Player suspected of hacking – If you cannot see the hacking get a management member to verify BEFORE doing anything else.
  • A player is spamming chat – verbally warn them and if they persist /warn them.



/warn – this command will give players warnings. If a player reaches 3 warnings they are kicked then after 3 it starts to ban them for pre-specified amounts of time.

How to run the command: /warn player name “reason”

Make sure the reason is in “quotes” or else it will not give a reason.


/ban – this command will either perma-ban a player or ban them for a specified amount of time. The only staff who should use /ban are management.


/spy – this command runs the spy feature on unturned which takes snapshots of a player’s screen. DO NOT SPAM THIS COMMAND


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