Service Rules

In order to keep the fun and peace in the server, we have set our general guidelines to be in our servers. Violations of the rules, will result in the action our staff seems fit.

Da Rules

  • No glitching, cheats, or hacks. If you are caught with them, then it’s a permanent ban.
  • Do not spam chat, cancerous clans or players will be removed.
  • Absolutely no server sharing. Any advertisement will result in a permanent ban.
  • Combat logging of any sort will result in a week ban! No exceptions.
  • Do not ask staff members for items, if you do you will be warned.
  • English only in world chat.
  • No use of vulgar language in server chat
  • No extensive use of racism.
  • Any form of sky base can not be over a Airdrop or City. If they are found over one of these locations they will be removed and your loot will be cleared!

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