Faction X

Hey, Welcome to Community Factions! Once you are in, check the #welcome channel and react with a “Thumbs Up” emote and then you will gain Full-Access to the Server [As a Member]. Let’s get the server invite onto here.

Memorial of the Community

22 User(s) Online

-Remember, as soon as you entered the server, goto the #welcome and react with a Thumbs Up to King Waspy, the Server’s Technician’s Post! As soon as you join, you will be granted NSFW Access (18+). We will treat you as an equal member of the server and community we run! We hope you have a pleasant time here and just incase you have any problems in my server, send me a DM and I will take action.

Q: Who owns this Server?
A: Booch
Q: Are the Admins and Bosses friendly and active?
A: Everyone is friendly
Q: May I ping an Admin or Higher (Booch) if I have a problem?
A: Absolutely!
Q: Are there Bot Developers in this Server?
A: YES! Booch is trying to get more Bot Developers from Discord their attention and tries to persuade them to join the server! Booch is a friend to many Bot Developers and he knows a lot more!

Owner/ Founder of Server:

Come join my server! Hope you have fun!
Stay friendly and active!

Server Technician:

Wassup, I’m Waspy. KING Waspy.
– King Waspy (Ecxdirerr)

  • We also have Discord Bot Developers on the Server! Come meet them also! You may never find a Better Chance!!!!