Cabaret is a general chat server with a friendly community, nice staff that are here to keep you safe, easy set of rules to keep the server bully free, multiple music bots, custom bots to keep the server fresh and fun!, gambling, waifus, suggestions and polls chat so you can give us your input on the server, server shop with server currency so you can buy roles, custom reactions, tickets to a giveaway, and so, so much more!

:white_check_mark: What Cabaret has to offer:

:fox:Easy set of rules to keep the server safe and bully free.

:fox: Tatsumaki global leveling.

:fox: Mee6 leveling, you get roles as you talk.

:fox: Server currency and server shop for Roles, features, giveaways, and more.

:fox: NSFW and Anarchy rooms accessible by self setting roles.

:fox: Multiple music bots

:fox: Suggestions and Polls chat so you can give us your input on the server.

:fox: Selfies chat so you can share your beautiful face with the server.

:fox: Gaming channels for various games, if you want one added just throw it in suggestions!



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