Qoutsy Tells ep2 : About Ubuntu!

Ubuntu, the linux os (right after debian, of c :)).

Why i choosed to use ubuntu instead of Windows 7?

Why i installed wine??

Why do i installed windows 2000 (wut) to VirtualBox?

Read more, and youll know!

It all started , in 2012, when i fist bought a Debian VPN for some random MCPE server stuff…

I felt like it was fkn hard to get to used to all the commands, i googled how to install Sudo and X (The gui for linux).

After a while(and dozens of google searchers later) i started to feel comfort in debians shell, but i still missed my windows xp machine………

In 2014, i needed linuses help again, i was revitalizing a Old laptop, and windows just wouldnt run i n it..

I tried Puppy Linux, and voila! it ran like puppy, if i can say!

2015(Atm, i was a linux nerd and had installed wine, find out why in the next couple o words!)

So, why i  needed wine?

Short anwser was: CoffeeCup HTML editor.

Long anwser: I felt  like dual booting was sooo 2007, so i googled up “WINDOWS IN LINUX EXE RUN FREE” (Oboy) i got a link to an interesting site : WIne…..

I felt like wine was all i needed , EXEs in Ubuntus fastness!

2016: Nostalgia!

I felt like bored, iv done everything….

But then i found my ooold pc , from the attick, and holy crab it workked!

The only problem was, that i was broke and i didnt have the money to buy a new HDD(or ssd)

so i tought: Virtualisation, htmmmmm…..

So why i choosed ubuntu over Win7, after all these problems etc.

I just chose it, there was noo reason whatsoever.

“I also migh be used to ubuntus GUI :)”

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