Woof Gaming Community Is loosely based on valve servers which people join to have fun.
Server’s Powered by www.goquake.com

This project started out due to bordism and getting approached to run some servers. We currently have one server capable of holding 32 players in a map in unturned.

Woof Gaming started originally out by just a vision and being a part of wasp clan; I first started in wasp clan as a server referee, aka (moderator) which then after two years of being a moderator I eventually got set as an administrator for WASP- Open Arena servers.
Later on, i decided to google for free team fortress two server hosting providers to mess around when I was bored… had a few stable player base and the service kept having unexpected DDoS downtime… For about five months I was messing around with it, Killer had to shut down his serious sam servers.
He approached me to see if I wanted to run two team fortress two servers. I accepted the offer, and I was running 1 CTF and 1 TDM modded TF2 Servers.

Later on, i got bored of TF2, and we didn’t have a constant player base, I shifted from that to Garry mod for a year and a half? (if memory serves right)

Did Garry’s Mod Sandbox Server until the server kept constantly crashing because good was unoptimized for long periods of constant uptime. So I was looking at Counter Strike Global Offensive server hosting, Nope Tried it. The bots were the only people playing all day every day, so at the particular time I just ran the server and hopped on it and fucked around for a while. Then I shifted back to tf2 which by then the mods I used was banned from tf2, which banned the server. So I was looking at other options then killer mentioned unturned.

I fired the server up with unturned, very very confusing at first, and then I noticed people played on it. Had good population, But I had incompatible admins on there, so I decided to shift from unturned to rust, The server crashed on rust, We shifted back to unturned and so far the server with just me managing it has gotten a lot of people. But as time goes on, it was typically a hobby, but now has turned into something entirely different. (what’s different) Community Members. Active Administrators.
(history so far of woof gaming)

As time goes on, The more popular woof gaming gets, the larger our community grows. While I was surfing through rocketmod.net and found that they finally changed to discord, I hopped on and came across, Nightfish, Developer of GunGame Mod for rocket mod. We chatted and talked, then we eventually got partnered. PurgeNetwork Has been helping us in the past weeks in obtaining features for our server to keep the quality and vision true.


Maintainer: Ecxdirerr